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About Jobs Into Media

This is a Job Board dedicated exclusively to the media sector. JobsIntoMedia is born with the idea to serve the media sector and to help the media companies to find the perfect candidate (Reporters, Editors, Sub-editors, Photojournalists, Specialist writers, Video Makers and any other professionals involved in the sector).

JobsIntoMedia is not just a simple Job Board. We want to build an environment in which both companies and candidates can find support to sustain their grow.

Why JobsIntoMedia

JobsIntoMedia is an idea of Raffaele Del Gatto, former HR manager of IBtimes Italy. The author wants to give a free Job Board to the sector, since he strongly believes that other services distort the market by making pay key services. Companies should being notified when a person matches the job offer, not when the candidate pays to appear on the top list. And any candidates should have the right to being treated equally, instead of how much money they pay for a service. There are many brilliant candidates that – for many reasons – can’t afford to pay a service. A Job Agency has a responsibility to relocate people which need a job and really deserve it. At the contrary, there are too many websites that literally recommend people which pay them. This is not right for the candidates, is not right for the companies, is not right for the job market.

This is why, the Job Board of JobsIntoMedia is free, now and forever, not matter what happens.

The other services

JobsIntoMedia offers a series of services for both companies and professionals.

Head hunting

Finding the right person for a job is very hard. Many companies spend time and money to find the perfect candidate, but most of them fail with their long search. This is when they realise that could have saved precious resources by delegating this task to a team of professionals.

Team building

We can build team from scratch for startups or improve the performance of your existing team. Our professionals will make sure that your company is well organised and any members is committed to the best practices.

Career building

Do you want to start a career in the journalist or media sector? Are you already a journalist or work within the sector and you need help to make the next moves for your career? Contact us and an expert will personally check your position and will provide a customised program to strengthen your skills.

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